Here are the services we provide at Top works landscaping!


Aerating is critical for restoring lawns that have been destroyed by animals or droughts.

Moss Removal

If you've always dreamed about have that beautiful grassy lawn, but you're lawn is plagued by moss, this service is for you.

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Weather you need to renovate you're entire front and back yard or, you're lawnmower broke down an you simply just need a cut. We do it all!

Trimming & Edging 
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Nothing looks better then a nicely trimmed and edged front and back lawn. It really is the "cherry on top" for having your lawn mowed. That's why at Top works trimming and edging is always included in all of our lawn care packages.


Anyone who values the condition of their lawn and garden, values the importance of applications. Top works provides Grass seed, Fertilizer, Ground Lime stone, Weed spray, Moss spray, to give your lawn and garden that extra edge.


If you want to add some personality to your house, lawn and garden or you're bushes just need a trim. We do hedging.

Gravel and Stone step install
Plant and lawn installation 
We even do Gravel, River rock, Lava stone, Stone steps and more!

Nothing feels better the enjoying your back or front lawn the way you envisioned it. Top works is here to make that possible.

Since our opening, we have become masters of our craft.


Our focus and commitment to bringing quality lawn care services to our community and incomparable customer care so that our community keeps coming back again and again.

Here at Top works, we strive keep costumer satisfaction, service and care as our first priority and profit second, as defined in our company values. 

Our company values

Service:  We pride ourselves on our service to our community, Offering adaptable customer service and care to meet all of our customers needs, likes and dislikes. Without our community, Top works landscaping would cease to exist. So because of that, on behalf of Top works landscaping we thank you. 

Integrity: integrity will make or break people or company. At Top works, we understand that deeply and for a company to operate without a moral compass, is a company distended to fall.


Dedication:  Top works is dedicated to our craft of landscaping. We are dedicated to customers satisfaction by customizing you're lawn and garden to how you want it! We believe that you should take pride and happiness in having you're property looking more beautiful and elegant after we leave, compared to before we got there. It's for theses reason that we are dedicated to our customers, our services, and improving our craft even more so.


These values are the pillars of which Top works landscaping we're founded upon. We strive to innovate  our methods and provide our community with the best service, backed by a client focused mentality. That is Top works landscaping.

 -Wesley Dodich/ Director & Founder

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